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Starting this November, enter our BariatricA NO EXCUSE November Challenge Group. Need to get that weight loss restarted? Need to try to find a way to get the motivation and accountability to get your exercise in? This is the group to join.


Portion Control Containers

Only sold on Bariatric Lifestyle FoodPorn and Recipes. See below for joining info.

The BariatricA Mind Reset

The Mind Reset Plan (Basic and Personalized) follow the amount calories and specific macronutrients you are supposed to get in a day. There is a 4% body weight loss in a 4 week period.


We have many different eBooks to offer including our popular Busy Bariatric Woman’s Guide to Meal Prepping as well as a ketogenic guide and carb cycling guide.

Free Groups to Join

Free Group to Join

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Free group to join

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