Digital Products – Ebooks and Plans

We have a wide selections of eBooks, as well as our Personalized Mind Reset Plans, that we offer, that have been either written by Cherise Peterson, a certified Bariatric and Fitness Nutritionist, or co-written with her RNY husband Derreck Peterson. These ebooks come to your email that you order through. All sales are done through PayPal. If you would like to order an ebook but do not have PayPal as an option, please contact us at


Bariatric Meal Prep Science for the Honeymoon Phase

Are you in that 0 to 18-24 month post op? Here’s how to meal prep effectively for the. post op.

5.00 $


Carb Cycling

Want to lose fat. Carb cycling is the way to go for fat loss.

5.00 $


Become Your Own Nutritionist

Ever wanted to know how to figure out your own nutrition. Well here is how to do it.

5.00 $


The Bariatric Safe Ketogenic Diet Guide to Meal Prepping

The Bariatric Safe Ketogenic Diet. Keto for a bariatric patients without all the added fats of a regular ketogenic diet and the increased protein that a bariatric patient needs. Plus none of the other crappy side effects of the ketogenic diet.

5.00 $


The Bariatric Holiday Cookbook

Your favorite dishes for the holidays.

5.00 $


10 Post Op Strategies

Here are your 10 post op strategies for your bariatric success.

5.00 $


The Busy Bariatric Woman’s Guide to Meal Prepping

The Busy Bariatric Woman’s Guide to Meal Prepping. The science of how to meal prep with a busy schedule

5.00 $


BariatricA Mind Reset Plan (general plan)

This is your basic one-size fits all mind reset plan. Low Carb, moderate protein.

5.00 $


BariatricA Mind Reset Plan (Personalized)

This is the a personalized version of the mind reset. This takes into everything that is special about you. Below is instructions on how to get the information we need for the personalized plan to us.

25.00 $

When purchasing the Personalized BariatricA Mind Reset Plan, please email us the following information to:
1. Current Weight
2. Height
3. Age
4. Occupation
5. Amount of Weekly Exercise
6. Type of Diet Currently Following
7. How many meals and snacks per day
8. Are you Pre or Post-Op? How far out?