Oh I’ve been itching like crazy wanting to get back in to my routine. Recovery sucks it really does what is absolutely necessary improve health. I have one more day left and then I’m 100% cleared. Just goes for people who get sick. Whether that’s Covid, flu or whatever. You must recover and rest. Use …

Monthly portion control bowls

This post can only be seen by platinum tier members. It’s time to choose your portion control bowls! Please make sure we have your correct address.

Platinum members!

When you get your bowls in the month of June you will also receive our new product with your bowls! Bariatric utensils! Free!

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I just posted an example of a full body mobility warmup on Facebook. Your mobility warm up is necessary to start your workout safely. Dm derreck if you would like a personalized warm up program for you.This post is only seen by platinum tier members

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Our online store The personalized mind reset ($25 value) is free. If you would like to program please send Derrick a message on Facebook. We would just need a little bit of info

EFFECTIVE august 22, 2021

Our ELD program is coming to patreon and will be available for all tiers. - new pdf- new challenges - a better description of how to navigate through the first few weeks of the program And more

Attention Platinum Members

It’s time your monthly dish order. Let us know which ones you would like to order. It will be a 10 pack of them. 😊

Big announcement

This evening we will be going live in the Facebook patreon group at 5pm mst please be there or please watch the replay

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