About Cherise and Derreck Peterson

Cherise and Derreck Peterson are a husband and wife team, who run BariatricA on Facebook and a popular large Facebook group called Bariatric FoodPorn and Recipes. We also run a Twitter page BariBadass.

Derreck underwent Roux n Y Gastric ByPass, September 23, 2014. Now at almost 6 years post-op and dealing with 125 lbs of regain, he has bounced back and shows everyone that if you regain you are not a failure, you just have to want to take back your life. Derreck has had his share of complications including strictures, ulcers, dehydration problems, and malnourishment issues which have led to other issues. He’s now on a daily dose of Omeprazole as well as Carafate to help with the ulcer problems and has to have teeth replaced due to the malnourishment that he went through.

Cherise is not bariatric but has been by Derreck his entire journey. Though she’s not bariatric, she has had her share of issues throughout her life. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in October 2000 and had a pacemaker placed on December 21st, 2012 due to bradycardia (low heart rate). She started in October 2009 with tachycardia (fast heart rate) and had two ablations done on December 21st, 2009, and May 5th, 2010 to fix the tachycardia. She found out this all happened because of her bad reaction to the diet (ketogenic diet) that she was placed on to help try to control her diabetes. What they didn’t understand that was dropping her so significantly so quickly had some severe consequences on it and made things worse. Being that the heart is also a muscle the lack of carbohydrates going to her muscles caused severe damage. It went after her heart and not other parts of her body.

Since this has happened it was decided that they both wanted to get their lives back on track. Derreck started with his bariatric surgery and Cherise realized that something needed to be done with the nutrition because there weren’t a lot of resources for people post-bariatric surgery or those with health concerns like Cherise has. So in 2017, she received her first certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She has gone on to get another certification as a Level 1 Precision Nutritionist (Precision Nutrition (PN)). She’s currently in school majoring in She has been working with hundreds of bariatric patients with their weight loss goals through BariatricA Premium, BariatricA and Bariatric FoodPorn and Recipes.

Cherise and Derreck Peterson

They also run a podcast called Bariatric Badass Podcast. They do weekly accountability meetings where they post asking the foodporn group if they have any questions whether fitness, nutrition, mental health, or bariatric journey related.

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