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So, I’m sure many of you have seen the latest news about Honey Boo Boo deciding to under go weight loss surgery. In particular case, she’s getting Suture Sculpt surgery. Suture Sculpt surgery is an endoscopic surgery where a doctor goes in through the mouth down to the stomach and uses sutures to fold up the stomach size and create a smaller stomach. It shrinks it down a total of 60% and does not have the cuts like regular gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. The thing is more recently in the new is how her mother, Mama June, is reacting to the news, as neither Honey Boo Boo or her legal guardian, who’s her older sister, have told Mama June anything about the surgery that she’s set to go through after she turns 17.

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Now Mama June, while supportive if it’s something that Honey Boo Boo wants to go through, but feels that she should wait until she turns 18 and can sign the documents herself without having to have her legal guardian sign them for her. It should more be a decision she makes on her own. What’s not being taken in to consideration because no one has communicated with Mama June, is did Honey Boo Boo decided to do this on her own, but due to her age has to have legal guardian approval, or was she talked into it by an outside source. This has not been addressed by Honey Boo Boo but I would expect a reaction from her soon.

This is my thought. Weight loss surgery is not something that is taken very lightly. It means a lot of changes in your everyday lifestyle, changes to eating habits, changes to exercise, and sometimes it can be hard for those around them because of people. If this is what Honey Boo Boo wants to do, then she should go for it. Unfortunately, what Mama June needs to realize is that her poor habits while she had custody of Honey Boo Boo probably did not help the situation any. Also Mama June went through weight loss surgery as well. No, she wasn’t as young, but you would think that she would be more supportive to her daughter even when she’s doesn’t communicate with them.

When it comes to problems, the first place people need to look is at their situation going on around them. Why did the weight gain happen? Will I be able to overcome some of the issues that could potentially be there post surgery, like unsupportive family or people trying to derail my progress? Do I have the support I need to go through something that can be absolutely life changing?

Suture Sculpt Gastroplasty

A lot of the time, it is the situation that the person is brought up in that has caused the weight gain. Not always as weight gain can be a sign of a health condition that may or may not be diagnosed. Like how are the family’s eating habits? Are they eating out every night? Are they snacking on things that are unhealthy? Are they eating the right amount of calories/macronutrients to help them or they eating an excess? Things like eating fast food constantly, eating too many calories/macronutrients can cause weight gain because it is stored as fat in the body, but also how processed fast food is can lead to other issues due to the quality of the food. Sometimes people don’t have the correct guidance when it comes to making healthy choices when they are a child. This can lead to child obesity issues, which the world has been seeing more of.

We all seen how Honey Boo Boo was raised due to her entire life being on television, but maybe if someone would have stepped in sooner and helped the family with their eating habits maybe Honey Boo Boo wouldn’t be in the position she is in today needing to make the decision on whether or not she’s going to go through bariatric surgery. For example, I get it makes better drama for viewers to see what they are going through for television, but did anyone in the TV industry ever think about the ramifications that could happen? While I feel that the surgery would be helpful to her and her weight loss, I hope she understands that it takes a lot of work to be successful at it and it’s not just oh the magic surgery that will make the weight drop off. There’s a lot more to it than people realize if they haven’t went through or had a loved one go through the surgery.

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