The mother of all bariatric plans (M.O.A.B) basics.

The program can become very confusing. While we tweak the program until it’s release the basics are pretty simple.

The Macronutrient protein feeds the muscle Providing nutrients for muscular function. Muscular function is involved in every day movements. From breathing to picking something up. With out protein not only does the muscle not function properly it also dramatically decreases health. Depending on body weight, age, birth gender and activity level. Your protein numbers will vary.

The macronutrient carbohydrate. Is what provides fuel for muscular function. The absence of carbohydrates in your diet will decrease the muscles ability to repair and will dramatically lower metabolism thus bring on a variety of health issues.

An over abundance of either macro nutrients that are not absorbed into the body will either be digested or will turn into fat. Exercise isn’t necessary but is encouraged.

Carbohydrates play a big part with muscular repair. As we go through our day-to-day activities we burn and chemical known as glycogen. Glycogen can be found in many foods but primarily is found in carbohydrates.

The program will be as follows… proteins throughout the day. Consuming 20-30 grams of protein every 3 to 4 hours. Creating what is called protein synthesis. As you end your day your body has depleted the glycogen and your muscles and now must be replaced with more glycogen so muscles can repair. And increase metabolism (proteins throughout the day, carbs at the end of your day)

Being Bariatric it’s difficult to be able to maintain a 20 to 30 g every 3 to 4 hours. May cause bloating and generally make you feel uncomfortable. The discomfort is temporary but should be recognized as a necessity for the program.

There will be two versions of the Moab.

Free version, Which will outline the program as well as provide information on how to handle the program mentally.

Paid version, Will be completely personalized and monitored by Cherise Peterson.

We have yet to decide the cost of paid version but will be 100% free on the platinum tier. Comment below if you have any questions

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