Spring diet bet

Good afternoon, march 20, 2021 we will be starting a diet bet. if you’re unfamiliar with the diet Bet. the buy in for the app is $10 depending on how many people sign up if you reach your goal which is 4% of your current body weight then you at least get your money back if other people that joined the dietbet do not reach their goal they forfeit their money and you get a portion of their money. For example if there was 10 people signed up for the dietbet. And you were the only one who reached your goal you would get your money back and their money so pretty much $100 (minus DietBet app fees)

There is a science to winning this and we will help you free

We will be adding a private community for $6 for outside members. Patreon members get in free. If you join the diet Bet you will also get a personalized fat loss program free

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