Bariatric Elimination Diet – Basics

This is part 1 of a two-part blog about the elimination diet and how it can help you if you are having GI issues or other body issues. Its not just for GI issues that you may be having.

Food sensitivities are more common than you may think— and they can cause acne, allergies, migraines, and more. Find out if you need to adjust your regular menu with an elimination diet.


Feeling… not great? Wondering if your mood could be better? Got a skin problem that’s been bugging you for years?

It’s worth exploring whether food sensitivity is to blame.

Though we don’t know exactly how many people they affect, food sensitivities aren’t as rare as you might think. And eating foods that don’t agree with you can do a number on your GI system, causing a cascade of effects that inflict damage elsewhere in your body.

The gold standard for hunting sensitivities down? Elimination diets, remove certain foods from your life temporarily, giving you the opportunity to reintroduce them in a “controlled” environment and trace any symptoms to their source.

It may be daunting to think about a six-week elimination diet, but if you plan accordingly, you’ll succeed. 

What is an Elimination Diet?

Below is a graphic explaining how food sensitivities can wreak havoc on your GI track, how to tell if you have a dysfunction in them, and how the unhealthy effect can cause a domino effect to your body.

While doing an elimination diet you can see improvements in ailments like asthma, migraines, mood disorders, and skin problems.

Elimination Diet Part 1

How graphic is how the elimination diet works. We will be going more in-depth in an elimination diet in a continuing blog, but this is the basics of it.

Elimination Diet Part 2

Finally, you do how do you reintroduce foods, but also tips for success.

Now you can print these infographics out and keep them where you can see them help you during your elimination diet journey. Like, I previously stated if you need more help I will be posting another blog in the next day or two that will go more in-depth on what you need to do when it comes to an elimination diet. These are just the basics of them.

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