Stress Causing Fall Off of Bariatric Journey?

Is your stress levels causing you to fall off track and be successful in your Bariatric journey? Are you now having issues with regain and other problems? Check out this latest blog about how to cope with Stress causing you to fall off your Bariatric journey.

Everyone deals with stress in their lives. Some deal with more than others. It’s all about how you deal with the stress and the coping strategies that you have in place that is going to help you stay in track. Unfortunately this stress can lead to emotional eating or “stress eating” and, if you are not properly prepared with healthy on hand foods that will help you not have to combat regain then the regain is inevitable.

To combat stress eating at any point in your life and practice more mindful eating, follow the tips below:

1. Take your time when eating. Meals should be closer to 45 minutes.

2. Chew your food thoroughly, 40+ times per bite.

3. Plan meals well ahead of time and use a list when shopping to avoid impulsive, less healthy purchases.

4. Focus on the social elements of the meals, rather than concentrating on the food.

5. Allow yourself special treats, but make sure to get in the healthier elements first.

6. Before eating, practice the HALT method to find out if you are truly hungry. Ask yourself if you want to eat because you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

7. Bring food along while traveling or running holiday errands to avoid skipping meals and getting too hungry.

8. Practice other relaxation tips rather than eating.

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