2-Years Post-Op Bariatric Surgery: How To Eat For Your Overall Goals – Plant-Based Eating

Once you leave that honeymoon phase (aka Day 1 post-op to 2 years post-op), your eating most likely will have to change because a)you’ve significantly stalled, b)you are seeing regain which is usually because of the extremely low calorie diets you are initially put on, or c)you have new goals in mind when it comes to eating. Below is some quick color coded guides to help you eat for your goals. These are for those that are looking to eat more plant-based. I will be coming out with a guide for those who want to keep different meats in their diets other than just plant-based eating, but if you are looking to go fully plant-based or even just wanting to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet this is the guide for you.

Your Base Food Choices for your Goals

Each color is a representation of what you should be a)eating more of, b)eating some of, or c)eating less of. Below them are pie charts with how much of each you should be eating with each one’s goals in mind. Depending on your goals does depend on how restrictive you are looking at getting. Most people are in either the first or section section though. Sections 3 and 4 are for those who are looking for athletic performance (section 3) to being in an athletic competition (section 4).

Next are your “Eat More”, “Eat Some”, and “Eat Less” guides. Remember these are just guides and you will need to pick and choose which ones will work for you more and more.

Eat More
Eat Some
Eat less

Most of us know that on the eat less section we shouldn’t be eating a lot of processed foods to begin with anyways like chips, fries, pastries, donuts, plant-based ice cream and frozen yogurt, etc. They are not healthy for anyone, only in very small moderation as a treat and that is it. A lot of people do very well when these types of foods are eliminated from their diet as well as some people start seeing less and less GI issues after eliminating these food, but that is for another blog article.

Remember for this to work you need to know your calorie ranges and macronutrient ranges so be sure to speak with your nutritionist about these. If you don’t have one or no longer see your nutritionist/dietitian through your surgeon’s office I’m always able to help you get these figured out. Be sure to check out our WebStore for our macro/calorie plans for your specific goals. You can always also shoot either myself or Derreck Peterson a message at either BariatricA’s Facebook page or on my Facebook page Bariatric and Fitness Nutritionist-Cherise Peterson.


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