A Badass Quickie: What to Count When Counting Calories

I have unfortunately been seeing some misconceptions about what is a counted calorie and what is not a counted calorie. A calorie is a calorie no matter if it is from food, drink, or supplements.

Say, as a 2-year post-op bariatric patient, your total calorie range for the day is around 1200 calories. (This is a generalized example of someone who is 2 years post-op. It will be the same no matter how many calories you are on.) Now you get this from your food and drink you consume throughout the day. Now say there is 130 calories total in the all the supplements you are consuming and then your food and drinks are 1200. Technically, you are consuming 1330 calories and not 1200 calories like your plan says to. A calorie is a calorie no matter what. If you want accurate tracking, then count your supplement calories as well. Check your supplement labels. You will be surprised in how many calories are in them and how it can throw off your count.

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