Five Ways to Stay Consistent with Home Workouts

Finding it difficult to stay disciplined in your home workouts? Whether we are getting bored, can’t find the time to workout, get interrupted by kids when we do workout, or just can’t seem to find motivated to begin, here’s 5 tips to help us stay more consistent.

  • Create a schedule/Establish a routine – We are creatures of habit. If we block off a time for a workout (whatever part of the day works best for us) and follow this schedule with consistency for a few days, eventually we will see the habit begin to form. Working out will soon become automatic and a natural part of our day!
  • Choose exercises you enjoy – The body doesn’t necessarily know what type of activity we are doing, all it knows is the rate at which it is burning calories. If we don’t like burpees, we don’t have to include them in our workouts! If we don’t enjoy running, we can always sub in bodyweight/lightweight circuits at a light-moderate pace for our low-intensity training.
  • Stay fueled properly – A proper diet allows us to have higher energy levels and more motivation for our workouts! When we aren’t getting adequate nutrients, we may feel sluggish or tired, interfering with our motivation to workout.
  • Monitor sleep and stress – This is always an answer. Proper sleep and low stress is crucial for the body to function at its prime. When sleep is low and stress is high, the last thing we may want to do is workout.
  • Have a plan/Join a program – When we feel we have structure to our workout, and when they are already created for us, we feel more accountable to stick with them. Sometimes making them up on the fly feels like a chore, and we may feel we’d rather just not even deal with it. We can download a free app or join a program where workouts are already created for us. All we have to do is start!

Comment below what other tips have helped you stick to your training goals? Share this blog for those that are struggling with their home workouts during this quarantine.

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