Why You’re Always Hungry

(Hint:  It has absolutely nothing to do with calories.)

So you find yourself that you are hungry all the time? Are you skipping meals? If not, what do your meals consist of? Will you choose something less nutritious and fast and easy over something more fulfilling? This can be known as dietary displacement.

What is Dietary Displacement?

There are two types: positive and negative dietary displacement.

Negative Dietary Displacement

Do you find that you skip out on vegetables in order to budget in a scone and Frappucino splurge from Starbucks, just so you stay in your calorie and macro range?

This is negative dietary displacement. It’s when someone skips out on healthy eats and displaces them with non-nutritious foods.

Now you may be thinking if it’s not going over your calories/macros then its fine, right?

Not necessarily. This can lead to:
– Rebound overeating
– Lack of satiety
– Atrocious nutrient intake
– Loss of muscle mass
– Low energy levels
– Increased body fat
Basically, you feel crummy, you don’t look your best, and on top of all that, you’re still hungry.

Positive Dietary Displacement

Have you ever seen someone who skips out on a massive dessert brownie, or only has a small piece, because they are satisfied from a nutritious meal of whole, real foods?

This is positive dietary displacement; when someone eats enough food each day, leaving little to no room for the non-nutritious foods.

When you eat this way, it generally leads to:
– Consuming the right amount of foods for your energy needs
– Satiation after meals
– Stellar nutrition intake
– Lean muscle development
– High energy levels
– Lower levels of body fat
Basically, you feel good, you look good, and your tummy is happy.

Why is Dietary Displacement So Important? 

Humans usually eat 3-4 pounds of food per day. If we add enough healthy foods, we don’t have room for unhealthy ones. We can use this to our advantage to reach goals that we have in mind like weight loss, muscle building, etc. If you have positive dietary displacement you can reach your goals faster than someone who has negative dietary displacement because sometimes people may not be able to reach their goals because of it.


In the table below, each pair are the same amount of calories, but provide much different volume and nutrients than its counterpart.

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