Pouch Resets

Bariatric Rests: Are they actually helping the problem or do you need something more? 

Have you ever done a pouch reset since you had your surgery? Have you been stalled or at a plateau and you are over 24 months post-operative? If so you may have thought about doing a pouch reset. 

There are many variations of pouch resets, but unfortunately they are generic cookie cutter resets made because while yes it worked for one person or maybe two or three people, but it may not work for anyone. 

What you need is a reset that will address your own personal needs.

Introducing the SUPERFOODsynidcate The Bariatric Boss Reset. 

This is a personalized program where you will reset for two weeks. No liquid diets, no soft foods. Its just using your regular diet but adjusted for your own personal needs. 

These two week programs are only $10.80 which includes tax. This program is delivered to you digitally so no waiting for a written program to arrive through the mail. Just watch your email you put in where you ordered for a reply email for the information that is needed for the plan.

Just CLICK HERE to get your program started for you today.  

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