New Year, New You!

7 new things you can adopt in this new year that have nothing to do with weight loss. 


  1. Be active, but do it for fun. 

Find things that you like to do that keep you active, but you actually enjoy doing. Do you enjoy hiking, then go for a hike. 

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  1. Take social media breaks

We all know that social media can be draining. That is why it is important to take breaks from it from time to time. 

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  1. Find a buddy.

This can be someone that you do an activity with or someone who you can just talk to when you need to. This can be the same person or multiple people. 

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  1. Eat more plants.

Get a more of rainbow of plants. Plants have a lot of health benefits and can help with inflammation in the body as well as other ailments that might be going on. 

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  1. Try to eat out less.

Try to cook at least 3 times at home. You will notice the cost savings. Plus then you know what is going into your food and it is a lot less processed. 

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  1. Meditation

Need to relax? Give meditation a try. Make time for it. 

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  1. DON’T be afraid to say NO

Don’t be afraid to tell people no because you don’t want to disappoint. By telling too many people “yes” on things this can cause a disruption to the point that you end up disappointing someone because you forget a commitment or you stretch yourself so thin. 


So these are things that you can try to do that will help over the New Year’s that doesn’t have to do with weight loss but your overall health as well. 

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