What Your Program May Be Missing.

Want to get healthier and lose weight?


Accountability for your actions. This means everything thing you do, eating, exercise, water intake, etc.

We are all human so we are going to fall off but don’t dwell and keep off the fallen pattern. Get back on and learn from those mistakes.

Check out BariatricA Premium LLC’s new Accountability Program. 3 day trial and then just $15 a month gets you this program, plus fitness and nutrition advice on tried and true tested programs. All of which can be personalized specifically for your needs. Ran by a personal trainer and accountability coach as well as a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. Get started on that 3 day trial.

*BariatricA Premium LLC is a private FB group currently. To be added, send BariatricA (the page) http://www.facebook.com/thebariatrica a message when finished signing up. If we don’t hear from you then we will email you through the email address registered on your PayPal account. All transactions go through PayPal unless other arrangements are made in advance.*

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