Why Ready-To-Drink Protein Drinks Are A Bad Idea

Ready to drink protein drinks might be easier to access when leaving a gym and needing a quick boost of protein but that doesn’t always mean they’re “healthy”.

In 2013 the makers of Muscle Milk agreed to pay $5.3 million in a class action lawsuit because they claimed that their drink contained “Healthy fats” when after further review of the protein drink showed that it had as much total and saturated fat as a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I would rather just eat the doughnut!

The FDA also warned the makers of Muscle Milk that while their product didn’t contain actual milk it does contain casein and whey proteins which are derivatives of milk that can also lead to an allergic reaction in some people.


Most ready to drink protein drinks are heavily processed and include controversial artificial sweeteners like acesulfame potassium and sucralose. Say that 10 times fast. Most of the fiber used in these “healthy” drinks are from carrageenan. This has been linked to intestinal lacerations and tumors. Not to mention that tests conducted by Consumer Reports showed that many ready to drink protein drinks contain a crazy amount of heavy metals (not Metallica or Black Sabbath) that are borderline unsafe like:





Of course, these are not listed in the ingredients. Still think they’re “healthy”?

It’s easy to give into the accessibility of ready to drink protein shakes but it’s extremely important to monitor what goes into your body. The ingredients in these processed drinks have been shown to elevate the levels of Homocysteine which can create a number of medical problems and conditions like:

Arterial blood clots


Cardiac events



Yes, protein is beneficial after a good workout to promote muscle recovery, but your body would appreciate it much more if you didn’t add the chemicals that are included in most ready to drink protein shakes. Instead, make a conscious decision to drink an actual healthy protein or try to get it from whole food sources, like chicken, fish, etc!

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