What’s wrong with this image!!!

So I started out with this image for a very good reason. I have a huge problem with this type of graphic and I will explain why.

Yes a double cheese burger, fries, fountain drink and kiddie cone (which they do not have anymore) are high in calories and unhealthy for you and we know this type of processed foods are bad for you.

But there’s two problems with the second “healthy” set of food. 1)still comes from McDonald’s and is still processed. Processed foods are not healthy. They way these supposed “health” foods that fast food restaurants claim are healthy are not because they are pumped full of additives to make them healthy. Hence, more carbohydrates and more calories.

What a person needs to do to eat healthy because yes healthy foods can be higher in calories meaning more nutrient dense is they need to look at where the food is coming from. Both of these foods are processed even the salad. We know that processed foods can cause all kind of health issues including gastrointestinal issues and inflammation in the body among other issues.

So watch out where you are getting your information from. They are claiming that you can burger fried, etc and get less calories but what exactly are you putting into your body?

It’s not about quantity it’s about the quality of your foods. Nutritional dense foods. Whole Foods.

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