Society’s views On Women

Today’s society has that women need to have a certain body type and overall appearance. Big butt, thigh gap, tight core, moderately sized breasts. So this in turn is where women assume where they need to be. Not all but a lot do. Society tends to have this view that women shouldn’t have muscles because we will look masculine.

Well I am here to help put a stop to that. I may not have been that overweight, but I have been through hell and back to get to where I am at. Things you want come over time will come.

The overall physique is what is more attractive. If I wanted to I could focus on growing my butt but making sure I still have a thigh gap, focus on working on my core, giving me a small waist big hips ratio, but I don’t. Core comes with consistent training. Butt will come but it will be proportional to the rest of your body. Thigh gap will happen with consistent training as well.

Overtraining of these body parts can lead to muscle imbalances. Due to society’s views women are afraid to work their chest, their shoulders, their traps, etc. Women shouldn’t be afraid to do this. As a personal trainer I hear this all the time that they don’t want to be become big and bulky. Well guess what? It takes years to get big and bulky like you are thinking you are going to become. It take thousands of calories per day or some type of muscle enhancing supplement other than protein.

Am I jealous of these women that have the body society wants? Nope because I have the body that I want and I’m training for. I just want society to see that women can have muscles as well as still look beautiful. Women can lift heavy weights and still be beautiful. That society should stop putting Barbie standards on women because without plastic surgery there’s no way that you are going to get the Barbie look. Plus the proportions of Barbie are completely unrealistic. Women have tried to look like a “human Barbie doll”, but they realize after cosmetic surgery after cosmetic surgery that they will be so full of plastic that it isn’t worth it. There are still some that strive for this look but after so many surgeries, a reputable plastic surgeon is going to refuse surgery. What women should strive for is how they want to look. Not what everyone else wants and thinks.

As a female bodybuilder/powerlifter, we are no different than other women. We are not aliens as we are looked at like we are. We are not any different than your non-muscular woman. We just happen to have more muscle and work hard for it. Sometimes it comes down to men are intimidated by muscular women. They claim that they are confident in themselves; however, when a strong muscular woman gets near them, they tend to become very uncomfortable. This reaction is based on the insecurity in one’s self. Men tend to think they need to be in control, and if a woman “appears” to be strong physically, it sends the message that she is more dominant. This isn’t always the case though.

The comments female bodybuilders/powerlifters get range from “she looks like a man” to “she could bench press me” to my latest one “You look like a female Arnie” (for those that don’t know who Arnie is, its Arnold Schwarzenegger. So basically a female version of him). Some people appear grossed out by the look and others admire and want to know how they got their bodies to do that. What’s interesting is, whether grossed out or in awe, the need to stare is the same. This goes back to sometimes “private admiration” and not being able to show it in a “public” setting for fear of what society will have to say about it. Again it comes back to what society thinks. What society thinks women should look like.

There are articles written about if women want to have a feminine physique they should avoid certain exercises that help with core strength and the overall frame of the body. First example, an article from states that you should avoid certain core moves, dumbbell shrugs to avoid having large traps, heavy weighted squats, and more. Again, causing muscular imbalances in the body. They stress to avoid lifting heavy that lifting weights will make you look bulky and not feminine. This is wrong. While some women strive for a large muscular body like powerlifters or female bodybuilders in the bodybuilding competitions (not in the area of bikini, figure or physique) but to get large like that it takes years and consistent training and for some it takes adding certain enhancers to help grow that large.

So instead of letting society dictate how we should look, lets be who we want to be and not what everyone else thinks we should be or we should look like. Let those that are ignorant to who we are and what we look like be ignorant and live in their own little fantasy world. You, as a strong confident woman, choose how to shape your overall body, whether that be the normal society’s view or think for yourself and have an overall healthy physique and not worry or care about what others think or say. Muscle imbalances will eventually catch up to you if you have them and can cause all sorts of other issues in your body.

Remember to stand up for yourself. Yes people may call you a bitch, a hoe, a cunt, but it’s just because they are intimidated by a strong woman who’s not only strong in body but in mind as well. And is able to stand up for herself against these twisted views of society thinking women should look a certain way.

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