Better Self-Care for Diabetics or Anyone

Living with diabetes (or living in general) means practicing self care – and not just when it comes to blood sugars, doctors appointments, labs, carb counting, and the likes there of.

Self care means logging off and reading a good book or watching a movie.

Self care is taking a walk or making time for the gym- not only for friendly blood sugars, but to clear your mind and help maintain the temple that is your body.

Self care is carving out time with friends because these days everyone is busy with being busy – Life is short and we need our friends and family to survive.

On the flip-side, self care also means choosing to going to bed early and not feel like you’re missing out or disappointing your friends and family.

Self care means coming home from a work trip after 4 accelerated days, and taking a beat on Sunday to do things that will keep you both sane and healthy for the work week ahead.

Things like sleeping late; unpacking, catching up on laundry, and making a Moroccan red lentil, ginger, sweet potato, curry & lemon soup from scratch so I can work like a boss and still eat healthy throughout the week.

Comment below how you practice self-care to help keep you going and not get burned out from day to day activities. 

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