Eating Negatives and Shitting Rainbows

Your body follows your brain. If you’re zoning out, your intensity slows. If you’re thinking about wanting to stop, well, your body will eventually listen. The right mindset is crucial. Its all about being attentive and optimistic. To keep those positive vibes going, pick up a mantra (like “Stay with it”). Say it on repeat during whatever you may  be doing as it will drown out the negative thoughts.

blur bottle bright candle
Positive saying aka mantra

If, mantras are not your thing, then try one of these other 10 things to help keep you in that positive mindset, eating negatives and shitting rainbows.

1.Don’t hit the snooze button when you wake up.

close up photography of alarm clock
Alarm Clock

If you get up when the alarm goes off you are more likely to be more motivated to get going and get things done.


Hydration – Water – Elixir of Life

Keeping up with your water intake keeps you not only hydrated, but keep you from feeling sluggish.

3.Don’t automatically reach for your phone, when you are feeling stressed or bored.
They can bring more stress, so don’t reach for your phone first thing in the morning or even if you start to slack off throughout he day as it can bring you down more.

4.Focus on Today.
Don’t focus on what has happened or what hasn’t happened. Focus on today and what is in front of you. Let the past be in the past and don’t dwell on things. Don’t dwell on what could happen as it may not ever happen.

5.Get some natural light.

agriculture bloom blossom clouds
Sunlight (natural light)

No, I don’t means Natural Light as in the beer. 🤮 (No, I don’t like Natural Light beer.) I’m talking the sun light. It can help boost your mood.

6. Stretch.
Stretching helps to warm-up those resting muscles after a night’s sleep, helps get you moving and limbers you up for the day.

7. Make your bed. 
Make it, then you can’t go back to bed. Or at least neatly make your side if your significant other sleeps during the day due to working late hours.

8. Exercise.

athlete barbell bodybuilder bodybuilding
Kettlebells for a workout

Make sure to warm-up first (stretching like I mentioned early is always a good start). Then whether you are at the gym or in your home, do a workout using resistance bands or weight (if you are ready for weights), or even bodyweight exercises work. Get your blood pumping throughout your body. Shown to help boost your mood as well.

9. Write down what you are grateful for. 
These put positive things in your head. Kind of like mantras but these are things in your life that you are a grateful for, like your family, your health, etc.

10. Listen to music.

black headphones with mobile smartphone

Music is a known mood booster. It can give you a burst of energy and bring you out of a slump.

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