How I Deal With Critics/Naysayers/Haters

In this world there will always be those who are “critics” or “naysayers” as Arnold Schwarzenegger has called them. We are called bullies. We are called haters. We have lies spread about us. We have those that attack our business. Those that want to tear you down just because they are 1)not where they want to be, 2)are jealous that you have done something that they have tried and were not successful in doing, or 3)are miserable with their lives and want to bring people down with them. We have dealt with all three of these. It’s this type of negativity that hurts the creative juices that follow within us. That hurt our motivation and hurt our drive as they can cause us to second guess what we are doing.

We are here to say no more. Let the critics and the naysayers talk their shit. Let them try to ruin us. We are here to say it will not bother us as if we are helping one person than that’s better than no one and I know we have helped at least one. We have those that do support us and those that do are no afraid to show that support. But the negativity that these critics rant on with only fuels our drive to keep pushing on. Keep pushing to help others.

You may not like our approach or what we have to say. But you never know when one day you will wish you had listened. When you need that kick in the ass. When you need to hear something that those around you won’t say because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. It’s not about hurting feelings it’s about bettering your life and yourself. Changing those bad behaviors. Doing what you should to make sure you can help yourself and possibly help those around you.

We have been through things in our life meant to kills us. Some more than others. If these things didn’t kill us then neither will those who are trying to stop us. There have been people from day 1 out to stop us. To try to steal our concepts. To try to ruin us and they will keep coming. But, they will never ever stop us from pushing forward.

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