Sneaky Situations: Derailing What You’ve Worked For

You’ve been working out really hard and eating healthy, and you still feel like you aren’t making much progress, what gives? This is a very common situation I see in practice. Well, when we look a little closer at your day-to-day life, normally there are a few situations where unhealthy foods lurk and you might indulge and forget about what you ate or drink, or think it was just a bite – that adds up quickly without you even realizing it.

Below are the most common sneaky situations that derail your diet:

1. At work

donuts brought in by a co-worker

If you spend a good amount of time at work, this place can sabotage your healthy diet. Treats and desserts are extremely common at work, whether it be a birthday, a holiday, a Monday, a Friday, basically any day of the week can be a day to bring donuts or cookies in. These treats add up and they also make you hungrier and crave more sweets after you eat them. It can also be difficult to say no to sweets just out of peer pressure, “you’re not going to take anything?” or “why aren’t you eating any of the cake I baked?” Don’t worry about being polite here, just say thanks but no thanks, I don’t eat sweets. Done with discussion.

2. Your kitchen

Your own freezer!

If you know your freezer is stocked with ice cream and you have chips in the cupboard, there’s a good chance that those treats will be eaten sooner rather than later. The best thing to do is to not buy them in the first place. If you don’t buy the unhealthy foods, you won’t have the option to eat them. And if you are craving the desserts so much you will to drive to the store to get them, that barrier to entry will definitely cut down on the likelihood of eating the treats.

3. The smoothie shop

Smoothie shops tend to add unneeded sugar

I love a good smoothie, however, smoothies are typically very high in sugar. Smoothies are super sneaky because they are marketed as healthy, however, most not only have sugar from fruits but also add high sugar yogurts and juices. Tropical fruits are the highest in sugar which include bananas, pineapple, and papaya, so avoid smoothies that list all of these as the main ingredients. If you are going to get a smoothie, go for berry heavy smoothies which have the lowest sugar and most fiber, or go for a green smoothie that lists only one or two fruits, this will ensure that you are getting less sugar in your drink.

4. The movie theater

Movie Theatre Popcorn

I’ve never come across a movie theater that served healthy food. The usual suspects include hot dogs, popcorn, hot tamales candy, etc. The best scenario would be to not snack at all while at the movies, the second best would be to chew some gum, and other options if you have to munch on something could be apple slices or almonds, or even a protein bar.

5. Happy hour

Happy Hour

Going to happy hour can sabotage your healthy lifestyle in a couple of different ways. Number one is the type of drink you are ordering. Avoid beer, sweet wine, and basically any cocktail on the menu because all are high in sugar and empty calories. Instead go for spirits with a zero calorie sweetener, lite beer, or dry wine. The second obstacle with happy hour is the food – usually the happy hour menu is filled with salty, carb heavy foods and calorie dense dips. Try not to go to happy hour hungry, and if you do want to order some food, then go for high protein sources such as meats, cheese, nuts. Avoid the wings and anything fried such as mozzarella sticks or french fries.

6. The party

Snacks/Sweets at Parties

Whether this be a birthday party, a baby shower, or a wedding party, any kind of celebration gathering is code for desserts galore. Who ever celebrated with an omelette?! You never know what the food will be at a given party or event, but odds are that the majority is not going to be very healthy. Best thing you can do is not go hungry. If you go hungry and there isn’t much healthy food, you are going to gorge on the unhealthy stuff, and I’ve never been to a party that didn’t have cookies or cake readily available. Stick to the protein sources and vegetables, can’t go wrong with those choices.

7. Brunch

Waffles loaded with sweet things for Brunch

Of all the meals, brunch tends to be the greatest diet disaster. Brunch items tend to be the most whimsical and over-the-top with the pie-filling french toasts, or ice cream pancakes. The typical drinks served at brunch are also a dessert – i.e mimosas which are typically a glass of orange juice with a splash of sparkling wine. This doesn’t mean you should never partake in brunch, just have a healthy meal in mind or check out the menu before you go.

8. The coffee shop

Again added sweets to coffee not to mention the snacks

If you get anything but black coffee, you are likely going to get a cup of sugar. Not to mention all of the tasty pastries the coffee shop has on display. Even a fat free or “skim” latte has a great amount of sugar (skim milk has about 12 grams of sugar in a cup). Pair a skim latte with a muffin and you probably just doubled the total amount of sugar you should have for the day – and it’s just the morning, yikes!

What should you do?

Track to keep track of what you are actually taking in

It can be helpful to right down everything you eat, every bite, every sip, and see how these small bites and sips can turn into hundreds of empty calories and sugar into your body.


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