Tests of Life

What is feeling like human again?

What is it like to feel normal?

Normal, is there a such thing?

Do you want to be “normal”?

Would being normal help you feel more human?

Would being normal make you feel like you again?

In this life we all have struggles.

In this life we are given tests to see if we can overcome them.

Some more tests than others.

Pass your tests and you may be given more.

I for one have been given many.

I’m going through a couple now that I don’t know if my decisions will end everything or push it all forward.

With these tests, you are pushed to your limits: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes there’s more than one test. So it’s like everything thrown at you double the strength.

These are there to see if you can survive because unfortunately what coming next may be your ultimate test.

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