Beast Mode, Diva Mode, and Goddess Mode: Are You All Three?

It is said that men coined the term “beast mode” and “beast” and women can’t be in “beast mode” or be a “beast”. Just because men coined the term doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to women. Women can be whatever they want despite what society says. Its not about the fact that being a beast is associated with being a brash, harsh word. Women can be beasts as well, as they can be brash and harsh. Its more not about how one acts by a way of thinking and frame of mind, like being a badass. Its not about how you act or what you do. Its about how you think about what you can do and will do. If you don’t think it, it won’t happen. So if you don’t think about getting something done no matter what it takes like being a beast, then it probably won’t end up getting done because sometimes to get things done, you need to be a beast. So if you want to be in “beast mode” or be a “beast”, then make sure your brain goes that route as well. Just because you think like a “beast” or go into “beast mode” doesn’t make you classless, like others have said. You can do beast mode and be classy about it as well.


Being a beast is also about empowerment. About having the strength, both mental and physical, to do the things that you or even others told you wasn’t possible. Its about being able to balance your personal life (with or without a family), your social life, and a career (if you have one or not). It empowers one to go beyond what they thought they could do and do more than that. It empowers people to stand up for what they believe in no matter what or who is trying to stop them. It empowers people to stand up to injustices of life. Sometimes, especially in male dominated work industries, women have to go into beast mode just to hold their own with the men. Because unfortunately, there are still men out there that think women are inferior to men and can not do things. There are male managers and male bosses that think women can’t do certain tasks, but haven’t even asked them if they want to do it. They just assume we can not. Or there are those that will give other males preferential treatment over female employees. Sometimes as a woman we have to become a beast to make our voices heard. To make it know that we are not inferior to men. That we are not incapable of things just because they think that we are.

Women can be anything they want to be, whether it is a beast, a diva, a goddess, or maybe they want to be all three. Because being a beast tearing it up, a diva showing your confidence, and a goddess knowing you have the strength to do what you want to do, who wouldn’t want to empower all three? No matter what mode you are in, you live life to the fullest and you take control of everything in your life. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Different goals may call for a different or multiple modes.


So instead of degrading one mode over others (I ran into an article that state women are not beasts, women are only divas and goddesses) and saying women should only use diva or goddess, why not empower women to be all three: Beast, Diva, and Goddess? And let women be empowered by their choices to be one, two, or all three of them. Its time to stop letting society dictate how we think, what we look like, and how they think we should and shouldn’t act.


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