Goals & Priorities: How They Relate To Each Other

What are your goals? Now how do your priorities look? If your priorities are not in line with your goals, then you may fail, or the goal that you are trying to achieve may be delayed.

Take an example I am about to give you. My client, who we will refer to as A, has a goal of dropping body fat and building muscle mass. A has had this goal for awhile, but keeps saying they aren’t making it as fast as they want to. This is where we need to start looking at where your priorities are at.

A states that first is their family and second is work. Ok. That’s fine. A lot of people have those as first and second. Next, they state that they have been working on social media posts (i.e., videos, posts, promotions, etc). While, yes, A is creating some income from it, but it has become so obsessive that it’s affected not only A’s fitness and nutrition priorities, which are directly connected to A’s goals, but it’s also taking an effect on their family priority, including fights between A and their spouse, putting a huge strain on the marriage. Client A wasn’t fully comprehending what it was exactly doing until we sat down and broke everything down. Sometimes it helps to sit down with an outside source to figure things out, like your trainer, or a therapist.

You may also realize that your loved ones have tried to express this, but you were blind to what they were saying because of being in denial something was wrong. Basically you don’t want to admit your priorities were or are screwed up. Or your goals aren’t what you want and it may be time to re-evaluate your goals (See my previous blog on SMART Goals). Or even re-evaluating your priorities and how much they mean to you. Sometimes these need to be changed because when something that means the world to you goes on the back burner and you don’t realize what’s happening, it can cause more damage than good and destroy those around you.

In closing, your priorities are directly related to your goals, to your other priorities, and if these get out of place not only can it cause marriage issues like in Client A’s circumstances, but it can cause for failed goals.

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