What Does Not Kill Me…

A quote that has rang through me for years. A quote that I didn’t realize until later in my life that’s true. That things that should have killed me didn’t. Things that should destroy who I am and what I am becoming haven’t. Things that are meant to destroy everything that you are and some. Things that tear people to shreds.

These things have made me a stronger, better person. These things have helped direct me to what I am supposed to do in this life. To show people that no matter what happens in your life that you overcome them and don’t let it kill you. That you can do anything you put your mind to.

There will be those that think “oh I can do x because I have y wrong wrong with me”. Well that’s not the attitude you need. Or they will say “I can’t do that because this person told me I can’t”. Since when do we let people dictate what we can and can’t do? Shouldn’t that be up to us as an individual and not to someone trying to dictate our lives.

Stand up. Show that you are different. Show that no matter what life throws at you nothing can bring you down.

Make the best with what you have and strive for what you want to get to.

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