Path (Power) Reset

This was written after some inspiration from my loving husband.

This may sound like it more pertains to people like my husband who have had Bariatric surgery but it pertains to anyone who has fallen off their path and need a reset.

In my time I have been running a Bariatric fitness group with Derrick, I have seen some crazy things. One of them includes the pouch reset.

What is the pouch reset?

In short you go back to doing your original liquid diet and using protein shakes to basically revive your pouch (aka new stomach). But this isn’t a good idea because it can lead to thinking that anytime you screw up you can just do this reset. Well eventually, if it even works the first time, it will not work again. It gives you an out instead of you being accountable.

This is why we suggest something different. A path reset.

What is a path reset and why does it work?

First of all it makes you accountable for your actions and yourself. Makes you take care of yourself, get exercise, eat right meaning no processed food crap, no soda/pop or alcohol.

It’s forces you to become an adult and do it not only for yourself, but for your loved ones. Shows all those who have said you can not do it and will fail that you are not a failure and just hit a bump in the road that you are overcoming.

Sometimes you just need to become obsessed with succeeding with your health or you are going to take these addictions and/or bad habits you have and end up back where you started. That makes those doubters right and you look like a failure to your loved ones and a failure to yourself.

Answer this question.
Is where I was where I want to be or do I want to show doubters and my family and friends how much I want to succeed?

Once you find your answer then you need to take the steps to succeed. Take these steps. Make a plan. Do this plan and succeed. Overcome any and all obstacles.

There are no quick resets, even though they claim you can do a pouch reset in 48 hours. There are no shortcuts. It takes time, dedications, and heart because only you can make sure that you are going to succeed. Even with all the support in the world, if you don’t have it in your mind to succeed then you won’t.

While on this path whether you are resetting or its a new path, video blog, write a blog starting from day 1. Whether you share it or keep it personal. It helps to have something to look back on if you start to go off track. Blog everything: ups and downs, positives and negatives. Let it feed you.

You never know who may be looking at you, looking at what you have done, and where you have came from to realize they want to do the same thing.

No matter if you are a Bariatric patient, looking to loose some weight, looking to start a new path, or just need a fresh start, the path reset can help you with that.

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